This Web URL Stopped Working in LiveCode all versions. HELP!

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed Aug 21 20:30:45 EDT 2019

Thanks MW for the detective work and Trevor for the proper solution and all
the other who helped.

Reading the header works like a charm.

Ralph DiMola
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Evergreen Information Services
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> All requested payloads from them are now compressed. I didn't put my 
> API key in the example. I pay for this service and did not get an 
> email about any changes(buy cheap get cheap I guess). This happened in 
> the last few days.
> Did a try/catch and decompress. The app works now. Try/catch feels 
> like a kludge. I will try the libURLSetCustomHTTPHeaders route. That 
> might be cleaner. I also sent them a support request but will not hold my

If you look at the headers the server is sending back the `content-encoding`
is `gzip`. Just check for that and run decompress if present.

Trevor DeVore
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