Apple Encouraging Progressive Web Apps [PWA] By Rejecting iOS Apps

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Wed Aug 21 14:30:45 EDT 2019

 I think there is a big difference between apps created with Livecode and apps created using template based services or app creation tools.

There are many apps in the Google and iOS app stores which do not more than just displaying webpages. Those app just provide a browser function in a nice and fancy gui. Those apps were mostly created with special tools or webservices which allow the user to create the app just by selecting a base template, the type of content the user want to show (contact form, about us, map and so on) and by entering all custom information. That´s all. The services then create the binaries which the user  then submit to the stores. Some service providers even offer a submission service.

Examples for those creating services are

Livecode Apps are not created  with building blocks. Of course there are externals and widgets, but you still have to code to use those. There is nothing 

If those kinds of apps are vanishing from the app stores, then i would welcome this. 
I really can´t count how often i had endless discussions with customers in the past why i take more money for developing an app than a competitor who was using those template services or app creation services. I am writing was, because he´s not in business anymore. All of the apps he created looked somehow the same. Only the colours and the content were different, but the layout was mostly identical.  I am not sure why he is not in business anymore, but i heard that many customers were not amused after they found out that there are other apps looking the same than theirs. 


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