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Wed Aug 14 14:08:44 EDT 2019

So with this tip the browser widget then runs on Linux (Ubuntu) but only 
in the IDE?

Not as standalone?

Op 14-8-2019 om 19:35 schreef hh via use-livecode:
> Updated to version v101.
> Download QR-Reader_v101 from "Sample Stacks" of the LC toolbar or
> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/943/
> The stack works now also on linux with snapshots from the browser widget or
> other apps on screen using a lengthy but clever workaround by Mark Wieder
> (see bug # 20104). Dragging images from apps outside LC works now also on Win.
> Note. On linux use http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?p=153351#p153351
> to have the browser widget run on LC 8/9 with Ubuntu 1604 (64bit).
> In sum, the QR-Reader helpers besides snapshots work now with images
> ("nots" are LC bugs) in the sample stack as follows.
> Mac: CA, CB, DA. But not DB.
> Win: CA, DA. But not CB and DB.
> linux: CA. But not DA, CB and DB.
> CA = Copy/Paste from other apps
> CB = Copy/Paste from browser widget (rightClick)
> DA = Drag from other apps
> DB = Drag from browser widget
>> I wrote:
>> QR-Reader runs with any edition of LC 8/9 (tested with 9.5/9.0.4/8.1.10)
>> on every platform that supports the browser widget.
>> It is a QR code *reader* which reads from static images that may be
>> slightly rotated/skewed/distorted.
>> You can make it to a QR code *scanner* by providing webCam/mobileCam
>> camera snapshots to read from. Usually images from cameras that can't
>> autofocus or focus manually are not good enough for that.
>> We use the excellent JS library jsQR
>> ( https://github.com/cozmo/jsQR ) and are by that Apache2-licensed.
>> Download QR-Reader from "Sample Stacks" of the LC toolbar or
>> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/943/
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