best way to store data from signature widget into mysql db

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Tue Aug 13 15:39:03 EDT 2019

If everything is in an array then "arrayEncode" the array and store it in a db. Then arrayDecode it when retrieving it from the DB. You may also have to base64Encode/base64Decode to eliminate any binary.

Ex: (not tested)
Put Base64Encode(arrayEncode(sigArray)) into DBdata
Put arrayDecode(Base64Decode(DBdata)) into sigArray

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i was wondering what the best way would be to store a signature of the signature widget into mysql db, so i can recall it.

1. figure out how many keys/elements there are in the array, as  it will be different per signature (serialize it as a single string, or create a JSON and store it directly)


2. is it possible to export the signature, which probably is an svg, to an jpg/png so i can store it as BLOB?

thanks for any insights.



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