QR Code Reader with Livecode

JJS jjs at krutt.org
Tue Aug 13 05:47:20 EDT 2019

ah ok that's clears it up. and you are using the barcode library for it 
i presume.

Op 12-8-2019 om 18:19 schreef hh via use-livecode:
> My stack is a (simple) QR Code *reader* not a *scanner*.
> It reads from static images.
> That is, if you use a webcam on desktop or a built-in camera on mobile you have to take a (sharp) picture and then select from that picture to read the code.
> Usually a webcam or a mobile that cannot do an automatic or manual focus isn't good for that.
> But, on desktop, you can for example read (via snapshot) from any valid QR on screen (for example those displayed in a pdf or a word document etc.).
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