"copy files", specialfolderpath("resources") and missing files = SHOWSTOPPER

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sat Aug 10 13:41:52 EDT 2019

Once again without missing spaces.

> Klaus M. wrote:
> yes, success, at least partly, now I get a SHELL error -> ... access denied
> Although I "chmod"ded that file to "777" (via the INFO window on my Mac), so
> everyone should be able to access it, before I put it into a custom property
> of my stack. What can I do to make it run? Anything I am overseeing? 

This works for me:

set the myp of this stack to compress(url ("binfile:"<the compiled shellfile>))


put the temporary folder & "/"& <mypName> into f1
replace "//" with "/" in f1 -- avoid platform bugs
put decompress(the myp of this stack) into url ("binfile:"&f1)
put shell("chmod 777 "&f1) into nirwana

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