"copy files", specialfolderpath("resources") and missing files = SHOWSTOPPER

Klaus major-k klaus at major-k.de
Fri Aug 9 09:22:09 EDT 2019

Hi friends,

I am currently making an existing app "64Bit safe" for a customer with LC 9.5 
on macOS 10.14.6.

In this app there are some "compiled shell scripts" (? I guess, have no infor about this)
which changes the keyboard layout (chinese and back) to german depending of the target 
fields in LC.

Structure (three files and two folders):
## File

## Folders

I guess the first one checks the current architecture and then calls the correct version for this.
Whatever, this works fine in the customers older apps.

So I added all this via the "Copy files" tab in the "Standalone Application Settings"
However these files were NOT in specialfolderpath("resources") in the runtime?

In the runtime I find this:
-> /Resources
-> /Resources/Externals ## empty, no externals used in app
-> /Resources/x86-64 ## EMPTY!?
-> /Resources/x86-32 ## EMPTY!?

File -> extSetInputMethod = missing and the two latter folders are EMPTY!?
Where on earth are the contents of the other folders?

But I find this in:
-> /MacOS
-> /MacOS/extInputMethod ## the missing file! see above
-> /MacOS/x86-64/extInputMethod  ## the missing file
-> /MacOS/x86-32/extInputMethod  ## the missing file

So calling the shell apps in -> specialfolderpath("resources") does of course not work!?
If I copy them manually to the correct folder in the runtime, they stop working.
So all in all this is a real showstopper! :-/

Am I overlooking something?
Is this correct behaviour of LC?
What can I do?

Thanks for any hints!


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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