new keyboardstypes mobile seem not to work LC950

JJS jjs at
Mon Aug 5 06:39:01 EDT 2019


anyone already tested the new keyboard commands for mobile(Android)?

mobileSetKeyboardReturnKey "done"
       mobileSetKeyboardDisplay "over"
       set the keyboardType of me to "email"

these seem not to work, and even do not bring up the keyboard as wanted.

so i use as normal this one: mobileSetKeyboardType "email" for a single 
field as it has a V instead of a return.

Now as i'm not using the native field input, because i can't get the 
text positioned correctin the field(chopped off). And i dislike the 
orange square around the field.

I could use the mobilecreate input of course, but still i like the way 
i'm using the ASK command for a single line input.

Now i put a empty image over the regurlar field and in the iamge i put 
the script. Maybe a bit more work but i like the way it works with ask.

I also tested these commands without the empty image over the field and 
thus directly in the fields script. It does not work.

Anyone tried yet?



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