Challenge: who can background this shell command?

David Bovill david.bovill at
Thu Aug 1 07:55:30 EDT 2019

The challenge is to figure out a technique we can use in Livecode to be
able to call long running shell processes (typically something like an http
server process) without blocking Livecode.

To test this without asking anyone to install some cli I thought we could
try it with an existing long running process that everyone should have in
their terminal - vi

So how do you:

*put* shell ("vi")

I've tested this and it does not crash here on latest OSX. You do have to
type command-period a few times to unblock things - but it is more or less
safe to try in the message box.

I've also tried:

*put* shell ("vi &")

The aim is to out the process in the background, or some other technique -
like make a bash script that contains the line that launches vi (ie "vi") -
or perhaps uses screen or tmux, or some trick in Livecode (open process
does not work for this on OSX)...

Who can crack this tricky nut :)

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