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The seagate story was either on or

So Bush shops at Walmart!!? ;)),

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> After talking to our guru, Lindows just happens to be a paying version 
> of
> a reduced debian distro.
> The author may have been involved in a scam web site earlier too... 
> Sounds
> like another Bill Gates
> wannabe to me...
> Well marketed though. For those interested there is more on 
> In brief, they
> say you have little control over the installation. But it's easy to
> install. Has KDE is in but no Gnome.
> Getting non click'n'run apps may be a problem zone. And the Click'n'run
> will make the OS much
> more expensive in the long run. There's no office suite which is avlb 
> in
> other distros and if you dont
> have an ADSL, it gets costlier.
> Most innapropriate is the fact that you have to pay for any other 
> program.
> Which is good
> for us revolution developpers but as a user, is not a good feature. 
> Very
> limiting.
> Compatibility with other rpms may also be another wall...

Xavier thanks for the info.

But please do not lose sight of the main point with Lindows- it's not a 
distro for the Linux geek! This is for people who don't know or care 
about kernel 2.x, Debian, KDE, Gnome, RPM, slashdot, etc.

They sell Lindows preloaded computers at WAL-MART for goodness sake (in 
the U.S, WAL-MART is this giant superstore that attracts the most 
average, typical, dumbest U.S. consumer there exists).

The LindowsCD does come with OpenOffice BTW - at least there is a menu 
item for it, I didn't launch it.

I see Lindows mainly as a marketing conduit- if I were running Linux 
day to day I would probably go with Redhat just because that's what I 
know. Although Knoppix is way cool for CD bootable.

I saw an article somewhere that Seagate (disk drive mfg) is going to be 
pre-loading Lindows onto their disks at the factory!!. Maybe I 
hallucinated that one... can't find the article now.

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