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Tue Aug 27 04:49:46 EDT 2019

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003 Howard Bornstein <bornstein at> wrote:

> It seems that PrintRotated still (as of 2.0b2) doesn't work at all on a 
> Macintosh. Why is this? This is a serious hole in our ability to provide 
> printed output and to provide cross-platform compatibility.
> PrintScale, one of the settings set with the Page Setup dialog, works 
> fine. Why can't we set the page orientation under program control?
> Rev team: is there some built-in limitation that makes it impossible to 
> set this on the Mac?

Exactly: there is no API support for doing this from an application in
the Mac Toolbox API.  Some applications have hacked workarounds for
this by trying to save configurations that come back from "answer
printer", but this IMHO is a bad idea because it can cause your app to
crash if you change printers on it.

It should be possible to do this using the new API we use for the
Carbon/Mach-O engine, but it turns out to be non-trivial so we haven't
wired it up yet.  And since even supporting it on this platform means
your app still won't have this feature on the majority of Mac systems
out there, changing your design to require running "answer printer"
and making the user choose the layout is still the only general
solution to this problem.

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