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Tue Aug 27 04:49:46 EDT 2019

D=02 Address Error
The Motorola 68000 microprocessor can access memory in increments of one
byte (8 bits), one word (16 bits), or one long word (32 bits). The
microprocessor can access a byte of information at an odd or even memory
address. But it must access a word or long word at an even memory address.
So, when the microprocessor attempts to read or write a word or long word at
an odd address, you see this error. Since that's a 50/50 proposition when
running random code, this one shows up quite often.

ID=03 Illegal Instruction
The computer has a specific vocabulary of machine language instructions it
can understand. If a computer tries to execute an instruction that isn't in
its vocabulary, you see this error code. It's less likely than error 02, but
still very common.

In my experience, these errors mean you have a Microsoft product running,
either IE or Outlook Express. ;)

But seriously, these are often mysterious without a low-level debugger, and
often caused by an errant pointer, which could be the result of a memory

Can you pin down the script that's running when the error is thrown?

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