LiveCode equivalent to 'cron' for automated background functions?

Andre Alves Garzia andre at
Fri Nov 30 07:10:14 EST 2018


> The examples in the dictionary look potentially useful for a couple of lightweight activities I’d like to have ticking-over in the background on my LC Server, pending page visits.

You shouldn't have the CGI engine hogging up like that, thats not how 
web stuff is supposed to work. First, Apache (or whatever you're 
running) will kill the process after some seconds if it fails to exit on 
its own. Second, it is a waste of resources. Imagine that you have this 
running for every request that is made, so each time a user requests 
your site, your LC Server engine hangs in the background for a while, 
hogging up system resources.

LC Servers should reply as fast as possible and then exit. If you need a 
long running process to do some administrative stuff regularly, then, 
consider building a little script and running that as a real proper 
cronjob on the server, not tied to visits.



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