Setting hidden of lines very slow

Niggemann, Bernd Bernd.Niggemann at
Fri Nov 30 06:14:20 EST 2018


set the hidden of line 1 to - 1 of field 1 to false

Kind regards


From: Kaveh Bazargan

I have a text field with some 3500 lines of text. I want to ensure all
lines are visible, as I have hidden some before. I use:

repeat with i = 1 the number of lines of fld 1
     set the hidden of line i of fld 1 to false
end repeat

This is taking over 1 minute to complete. I have tried removing all styling
from the text so e.g. backgroundcolor is empty, etc. Same result.

Any suggestions pls?

Kaveh Bazargan

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