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Thanks Herman

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Op 26-11-2018 om 20:43 schreef hh via use-livecode:
> Sometimes one wishes to have a unique PDF display, independent of the
> user's current internet-plugin. Or one wishes to have a feature that
> these plugins don't have (for example rotation). Then pdf.js comes in.
> hhPDFViewer is a basic GUI to the JavaScript pdf library "pdf.js"
> ( https://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/  (watch the license)).
> My current solution can display both local and remote pdfs.
> And it does NOT need a (local) server.
> The widget uses pdf.js to display (and load) one single page of any
> multipage pdf. It needs 2.3 MByte of space in the temporary folder
> + 1.3*the size of the displayed pdf.
> You can
> [*]Switch to prev/next/any page of the PDF.
> [*]Zoom in, zoom out or fit the PDF to width or height of the browser
> widget's width or height.
> [*]Fit the browser widget's rect to the page container's rect
> (hold down the shiftkey when using the controls for that).
> [*]Rotate the PDF to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.
> [*]Grab the PDF to scroll the PDF left/up/right/down.
> Download hhPDFViewer from "Sample Stacks" or
> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/916/
> The library is included in the stack, so that also an offline usage
> (with local PDFs) is possible.
> I didn't already test it but the stack should run on any platform where
> the browser widget works. For mobile you still have do some work for
> resizing the browser widget and the controls group (and changing some
> triggers). If there is enough interest I'll implement more features.
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