Browser Widget Problem in Android

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Sun Nov 25 13:25:20 EST 2018


Attachments don't make their way onto the list, so we can't see your settings.

You said a "map browser widget" but that doesn't exist in LiveCode:  
Map widget does, and Browser widget does, but no Map Browser widget. I  
think you're talking about the Browser widget based off the thread  
title and mention of URL.

The following inclusions will likely be required for your implementation:
Browser [globe icon, not puzzle piece] (to include the Browser widget)
Internet [dog-eared paper icon] (to include libURL libraries which  
allow the app to connect to the outside world)
SSL & Encryption [puzzle piece icon] (to handle HTTPS prefixes)

Does the addition of these, or changing the Inclusions setting under  
the General tab of Standalone Application Settings to "Search for  
required inclusions when saving the standalone application", make a  
difference for your app?

--Andrew Bell

> Subject: Browser Widget Problem in Android
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> I have put a map browser widget in my app.  When I load the URL and try to
> display it in my android, I just get a blank screen.  Attached are my
> standalone settings.
> The app works on my desktop but NOT on the Android.  The browser URL is set
> correctly, it just does not display.  Any suggestions as to what might be
> wrong?

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