Max number of columns in a datagrid?

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Fri Nov 23 21:46:24 EST 2018

I don't remember what-all he did with it, but FileMaker proved to be
remarkably resilient pretty much no matter what he threw at it. The one
limitation back then was that a given file couldn't be more than 32MB(!).

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> Geoff Canyon wrote:
>  > It's not relevant to the current discussion, but waaaay back when, I
>  > worked with a guy who had created some monster spreadsheets in Excel
>  > with something like 9,000 columns. It was working, but it was
>  > incredibly slow -- this was running on 68k Macs. Not expecting
>  > success, I suggested he give FileMaker a shot. He did, and amazingly,
>  > not only did it happily handle database definitions with 9,000 fields,
>  > it was not just faster than Excel, it was actually speedy. It had zero
>  > problems, and he built out the entirety of his solution that way.
> Did he create a layout in FileMaker with 9,000 fields?
> If he had I suspect it would expose the root of the issue as being not
> so much about internal handling of the data, but about rendering it all.
> One more reason to remember that spreadsheets are not databases.  Very
> different tools with very different feature focuses and tradeoffs.
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