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> I don’t think so, as the default app is set to be Preview on both machines. In fact I had forgot I had Acrobat installed on my laptop.
> Tore Nilsen
>> Could this be related to the default app that handles PDF on your Mac?
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>> Brian
>>> I have come across a puzzling phenomenon in how the browser widget handles pdfs. On my iMac I do no have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed. Here, the browser widget displays pdf-files without any hiccups. On my MacBook I have Adobe Acrobat installed, and the browser widget seems to use Adobe Acrobat to display pdf-files inside the widget. When I remove Adobe Acrobat from the application folder, trying to view a pdf-file in the browser widget will prompt me to locate either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Are there any way I can «force» the widget to ignore Acrobat or Reader entirely, and will I be able to view pdf-files in the widget on bothMac and Windows if I do so?
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I don't think we can do anything against this, since if a user (like you) has installed Acrobat Reader and has checked "Use Web plugin"
(or what the correct wording is) somewhere in the Acrobat preferences, that will override the "default" behavior of the underlying webkit 
on Mac, which Safari uses, too, to display PDFs "natively".



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