Browser widget and PDFs

Tore Nilsen tore.nilsen at
Thu Nov 22 11:53:05 EST 2018

I have come across a puzzling phenomenon in how the browser widget handles pdfs. On my iMac I do no have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed. Here, the browser widget displays pdf-files without any hiccups. On my MacBook I have Adobe Acrobat installed, and the browser widget seems to use Adobe Acrobat to display pdf-files inside the widget. When I remove Adobe Acrobat from the application folder, trying to view a pdf-file in the browser widget will prompt me to locate either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Are there any way I can «force» the widget to ignore Acrobat or Reader entirely, and will I be able to view pdf-files in the widget on bothMac and Windows if I do so?

Best Regards
Tore Nilsen

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