Mac Standalone/Pkg Weirdness

Rick Harrison harrison at
Wed Nov 21 12:25:58 EST 2018

I have a Macintosh stack that I have set the
Application Icon and the Small Application Icon
to .png icons on a card.  They work fine in the IDE.
(MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra, LC 9.0.1)

When I create a Standalone and test it.  It works
fine and they show up in my ask and answer dialogs.

After packaging everything up in the Terminal I end up
with a package that installs just fine.  The standalone
from that package works fine on my development
computer - (MacBook Pro.)

I copied the package to a USB Thumb-drive.  I then
plugged it into another older iMac running El-Capitan 
to test it. The package installs the app just fine.  
The app runs fine except that now the ask and answer 
dialogs do not display the icons!

Also of interest, I had set the Destroy-stack property
set to true so that when the user quits the application
the application doesn’t stay in memory.  (I tried this
stack on a new mac mini running Mojave too, (yes
I know that LC doesn’t officially support Mojave yet
but I thought I would try it anyway.))  The app ran
fine except for the icon problem again, and this time
when I quit the application, the icon down in the dock
that shows running applications never went away
even after the app quit.  It looks like Destroy-stack
isn’t working.




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