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Hi Craig

Thanks for your time. I should have given more details...

i am indeed using enterInField (actually returnInField), and the focus
remains the search box

I started with the Find command, but then changed to using matchChunk,

   - The Find command shows a thin black border that is hard to see (any
   way of controlling this?
   - I want to do more complex stuff, e.g.
      - regex searches
      - Find all (extract lines containing the text)
      - Live search, so highlight item or items found as I type
      - Perhaps using different highlight colors for different types of

Looking again, I have to reinvent some aspects that Find already has, e.g.

   - Searching from last item found
   - Options for whole word etc

So thanks for that reminder! My questions now:

   - When I use matchChunk and select some text that is found (as if
   selecting manually), that selection disappears when the text field is not
   focussed. Any way around that? I am thinking I might use backgroundcolor,
   depending on speed
   - What control do I have on the style of the item found – other than
   thin black line?
   - Has anyone written a full text editing or word processing program I
   can get ideas from?

Thanks again Craig. :-)

On Mon, 19 Nov 2018 at 18:59, dunbarxx via use-livecode <
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> Ah.  Maybe the point is that you can continue typing, finding other strings
> as you go. OK.
> But my search field, with its "enterInField" handler:
> on enterinField
>    find me
> end enterinField
> will find any text in any field, and continue to find as you either
> continue
> typing or delete what you already have. The search field retains focus.
> Craig
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