use password protected scripts on LC web server

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Sat Nov 17 22:30:06 EST 2018

I got the LC Indy web server installed and it can connect to the DB and
return JSON.

But as soon as I reference a password protected script file, it gave me an

// Database
include ""
include "xps_sync.livecode"

--I even tried "start using", but did not help
--was getting:  row 6, col 1: Chunk: can't find stack
--start using stack "xps_sync"

put DoesItWork() -- Simple function that returns "It Works"

This is the error I am getting:


file "/var/www/html/"
file "/var/www/html/"
file "/var/www/html/xps_sync.livecode"
  row 7, col 6: Function: error in function handler (DoesItWork)
  row 7, col 6: put: error in expression

Here is the simple password protected function:

function DoesItWork

   return "It Works"

end DoesItWork

On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 9:26 PM Todd Fabacher <tfabacher at> wrote:

> This changes my entire concept of using LiveCode online. I can do full
> debugging in my app and just take the functionality I want and move it
> online.
> On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 9:21 PM Todd Fabacher <tfabacher at> wrote:
>> Quick question...we have some specific info in LC we need to put in a
>> LiveCode web script to be run online. But we need to protect the content.
>> Can we put that in a password protected script, drop it online and add it
>> in as an "Include"??
>> Thanks, this would be SUPER helpful,
>> Todd

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