Stack Height/Menubar

Rick Harrison harrison at
Sat Nov 17 13:49:22 EST 2018

After hours of playing around with this
problem, it looks to me like a Menubar 
has to be shifted into that upward position 
in order for it to work in a standalone.
(If you can prove me wrong on this
please proceed!  I would love to see
a work around that really works!)

(This seems a bit crazy as it impacts the 
entire stack’s layout unless one planned 
for it at the very beginning of one’s design.
Most people wouldn’t do as this seems to 
be only an LC thing not really found in
other environments.)

Does anyone have a nice routine which
will compensate for the change in layout
by moving all other objects farther down?
I thought I saw a mention this before.

Thanks in advance,


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