updating to 64bit for Macs: standalones vs stacks opened by a standalone

Curt Ford curt at sonasoftware.com
Wed Nov 14 14:27:43 EST 2018

A few years ago I did a project for a client that involved a standalone 
that was basically just a menu of modules. When you clicked on an item, 
it downloaded the module, which was a Livecode stack (not standalone); 
after downloading, clicking on an item in the menu app would open the 
downloaded module.

I'm now updating Mac versions of other projects for 64bit compatibility, 
and I'm wondering how to approach this one. I'm assuming the standalone 
menu app will need to be repackaged with LC 9; is the same true of the 
downloaded stacks (which were done in LC 7)? Or is the engine in the 
standalone the only thing that needs to be 64bit?

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