How to diagnose browser widget JS handlers failing silently?

hh hh at
Wed Nov 14 11:34:06 EST 2018

You can use the params to see what arrives.

Most probably you didn't convert the parameters of the handler
in the JavaScript to arrays or strings.

LiveCode expects strings or arrays as params of javaScriptHandlers.

So "combine" on the LC side and/or ".toString()" on the JS side are
your friends.

Example test:

-- script of the widget (or above it in the message path)
on JS u,v,w -- a javaScriptHandler of widget "browser"
  if u is an array then combine u with ":"
  put u & cr & v & cr & w
end JS

on mouseUp
  do "var x=[1,2,3], y='hello'; " & \
        "liveCode.JS(x, y, x.toString())" in widget "browser"
end mouseUp

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