Regex replacements (\1, \2) not matching

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Mon Nov 12 03:20:46 EST 2018

Thanks James

I am using the community edition of LiveCode, but I remember that Thierry
has been v helpful in the past. I just found a similar question I asked 4
years ago and he put lots of time in explaining:

I will review that because I have a feeling it has the answers I need. :-)

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> You can do quite a lot with LC's chunk expressions as well as with the
> matchtext and matchchunk functions.
> If you are willing to put a bit of time using these functions and arrays
> you can pretty much make up for LC's shortcomings in this area.
> If you have an Indy or Business license of LC then you might also want to
> look at Thierry's "SunnYrex" <>.
> even if you choose not to use that Thierry himself (who is on the list) is
> extremely generous with his time in answering questions about regex and how
> to use it in LC.
> James
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