https, 301 redirection and get URL

jbv jbv at
Sun Nov 11 04:17:19 EST 2018

Hi list,
I am updating an old standalone for a client of mine who has
just migrated his domain to HTTPS. There is also a permanent
redirection 301 from http to https in the htaccess file.

The standalone uses numerous commands in the form
  get URL ""
which I am updating to
  get URL ""

The problem is that both forms return empty when the 301
redirection is on; otoh everything works fine when
the 301 redirection is removed from the htaccess file.

I haven't found any post nor any relevant tutorial on
the LC list or forum. So my question is : how can I
update all those "get URL" commands with a 301 redirection
in htaccess ?

Thanks in advance.

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