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kee nethery kee.nethery at
Fri Nov 9 21:29:21 EST 2018

I agree that the LiveCode Application Builder should handle all the details. 

The stacks that others have built work great … until they don’t. That’s why my instructions are all Terminal based. If something errors out, you can see the error and perhaps deal with it. When everything is hidden behind a stack, making it work is more difficult, in my opinion.


> On Nov 9, 2018, at 2:27 PM, Rick Harrison via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi Kee,
> Thanks for that.  Although I’ve been down that
> lane for sometime now.  Why Apple keeps 
> making things worse and worse instead of
> the other way around I don’t know.
> In principle, I believe that no LiveCoder should
> ever have to be subjected to using the Terminal.
> Ideally we should have a stack that pulls everything
> together for our LiveCode users so they don’t have
> to even touch it.
> I will let you know what I find out if anything.
> Rick

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