How to tell if the page displayed in the Browser widget has scrolle

hh hh at
Fri Nov 9 11:25:31 EST 2018

> James H. wrote:
> I added the "window.onscroll" function definition to the
> same handler I use to adjust the font-size of the page
> being displayed as I know that works there.

Did you add it separated by ";"? For the command
do js in widget "Browser"
*** the string js is not allowed to contain a CR. ***

> I even found an example closer to what I want to do
> (with the call to jsNotify in place)...
> So I see that this function works. Just apparently not in
> the current widget browser. Well at least on my Mac.

This works here. Did you use the whole htmltext, especially also
the CSS? The javaScript there can not work without the CSS...

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