How to tell if the page displayed in the Browser widget has scrolle

James Hale james at
Fri Nov 9 09:45:09 EST 2018

Hi Hermann,

Thanks for your patience :-)

I did as you suggested but no dice.

I added the jsNotify handler to the widget script.
I put the jsNotify call into the javascript handlers of the widget.
I then checked that they were indeed there, they were.
I added the "window.onscroll" function definition to the same handler I use to adjust the font-size of the page being displayed as I know that works there.
but when I load a page, nothing happens when I scroll to the bottom.

I tried with jsNotify putting into a field and just putting.
Still no joy.

I even found an example closer to what I want to do (with the call to jsNotify in place)...

So I see that this function works. Just apparently not in the current widget browser. Well at least on my Mac.

Does one of your samples stacks have something like this? Maybe I could compare and try to see what is different in mine?


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