How to tell if the page displayed in the Browser widget has scrolled

hh hh at
Thu Nov 8 10:55:56 EST 2018


You are looking for difficulties that are not present.

A. Do once:

A1. put into widget's or card's script
(this is a javaScriptHandler):

on jsNotify v
  put the seconds &": "& v into fld "info" -- or your action
end jsNotify

A2. From a button or msg (or use the property inspector):

put the javaScriptHandlers of widget "browser" into jsh
if jsh is not empty then put cr & "jsNotify" after jsh
else put "jsNotify" into jsh
set the javaScriptHandlers of widget "browser" to jsh

B. Do once for every new loaded page, no matter where from
(say, for example from a button:

put "window.onscroll = function() { " & \
    "if (window.innerHeight + window.pageYOffset >= " & \
    "document.body.offsetHeight) " & \
    "liveCode.jsNotify('I am at the bottom'); };" into js
do js in widget "Browser"

Then scroll the browser widget to bottom and watch your field "info".

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