How to tell if the page displayed in the Browser widget has scrolled

hh hh at
Thu Nov 8 05:45:13 EST 2018

The following works for me.

Write this code into a variable or a field:

window.onscroll = function() {
if (window.innerHeight + window.pageYOffset >=
document.body.offsetHeight) liveCode.jsNotify('I am at the bottom');

(a) Then script:
do <variableOrField> in widget "browser" if you can't control the htmltext.


(b) If you can control the htmltext then add the code above enclosed in
<script></script> tags right before </body>.

Set (another) javascriptHandler of the widget to "jsNotify" and script in
the widget or card, for example:

on jsNotify v
  put the seconds && v into fld "info"
end jsNotify

Don't use an alert here: You will also get the alert when you scroll a little
bit up from the bottom. This small indeterminate region is also influenced by
the horizontal scrollbar of the browser widget (which you can't control).


p.s. Answering is easier in the forum, especially if your questions become
more complicated (as soon as the browser widget has won you over).

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