How to update a css file when using the Browser widget

James Hale james at
Sun Nov 4 00:31:48 EDT 2018

Recently I have been exploring modifying a css file so as to change the appearance of an html file being displayed in the browser widget.

Simply, I thought.

Load a page that uses a css file.

Modify the css file and rewrite it to disk.

Re-load the page from before, assuming it would use the newly modified css settings.

It doesn't work.
The html page continues to use the css from before.
This is even after closing and removing the stack from memory and reopening it.

I even tried deleting and re-creating the widget to see if this "refreshed" the css.

No. Finally I quit and relaunched LC.

On reopening the stack and reloading the page the new CSS was being read.

It would appear the css is being cached by LC and not the widget.

Has anyone else come across this before and if so, did you find a solution/workaround?

Context: I want to be able to change the font-size displayed in the browser. The pages being displayed all use the same external css. I thought that by changing the font-size definition with the css and saving it back to disk, a reload of the page would use the new setting. This works with desktop browsers.


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