Docset Reader released and updates to Make Docset and Livecode.Docset

James Hale james at
Thu Nov 1 09:54:30 EDT 2018

One of my other stacks "Make Docset" produces a Livecode package containing the complete dictionary API as well as all the guides that ship with each version of Livecode. This package can be read by DASH compatible readers that accept user contributed sources.

However not all platforms currently have such apps.

I have made "Docset Reader" to fill that void.

I am hoping it will be simple enough for users to make as a standalone for their platform of choice.

(Note: I am making this available for personal/non commercial use.)

It is available on LivecodeShare.

Note: it was made with LC 9.01

I have also updated "Make Docset" to V3.3 which finally corrects all "Associations" links.
The DASH user-contributed version is now at v1.7.3 and has the corrected "Associations" as well.


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