Script works but still cast an error?

Michael Kristensen michael-kristensen at
Thu Nov 1 04:55:07 EDT 2018

Hi there

I have a scrolling group called “PinBoard” that holds subgroups and fields.

If I place this simple script in the subgroups:

on mouseEnter
      lock screen
      start editing grp PinBoard
      	set the layer of me to top
      stop editing
end mouseEnter

…it works very well.

If I place the same script in the fields, it also work as intended but it casts an error.

The offending line is:
start editing grp PinBoard      (can’t find background)

If I check the generel menu command “Suppress errors” it just works as I want.

But I can’t figure out why it works in the subgroups but in the fields it casts an error.



If I place:
“lock error dialogs” just under on mouseEnter, it has no effect. It still cast the same error.

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