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Trevor, thanks for your response. Of course you are right - and I do appreciate that there are many talented and hardworking people working on all this stuff and that LiveCoders as a whole will benefit, and some are already benefitting. I suppose it’s hard, given a pretty large chunk of a lifetime spent in software, to accept that I can’t really keep up. This is just a personal problem for me of course, but the more important question is about keeping the “magic” alive, i.e. making sure that newcomers to the product are not overwhelmed or scared off, but rather welcomed and pleasantly surprised how easy it is to become productive. I think the LC web site has stopped headlining “everyone can code”, hasn’t it? Perhaps this is in line with the current business strategy?

Anyway to argue more about this is probably counterproductive. Keep going!


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>> Perhaps I don’t quite know what is being expressed here, but nevertheless
>> I think it chimes with the feeling I have when I see stuff on this list
>> about linting, github, even LCB. It’s an alien world. It may also be the
>> future. Increasingly I realise I belong to the past. Is it time to stop
>> trying to keep up?
> Graham,
> In the context this list linting, LCB, etc. are just subjects that are
> interesting to people that want to extend LiveCode beyond the features that
> are included. Previously that sort of talk focused on externals, Xcode, and
> Visual Studio. LCB is the future of extending LiveCode. If you aren't
> extending LiveCode then you can sit back and ignore it. Ideally you won't
> have to think about it and will only have to enjoy the extra features that
> others can now make available using LCB :-)
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