ANN: Script Tracker

Brian Milby brian at
Thu May 31 01:08:07 EDT 2018

Script Tracker allows you to work in a binary stack and have all scripts
kept in sync with plain text files suitable for version control in GitHub.
It includes an option to watch the script folder and automatically import
files when they change.  It also has an option to open the script of an
object in an external editor (but it does not prevent the IDE SE from

The source is available on GitHub (exported using itself):

I posted this in the forum over the weekend, but wanted to also include in
the list in case we have anyone that doesn't frequent the forums.  Here's a
link to the forum post with a little more information and screen shots:

Hopefully someone will find this useful.  My intention is to use it for
anything I contribute - especially plugins or tools distributed as stacks.


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