Strange error from iOS Standalone Builder

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Tue May 29 11:19:24 EDT 2018

Not knowing much specifically about these problems, but having some experience in secure communications as an IT person, encryption standards are in a state of constant flux. Old ciphers are abandoned over time and new ones are implemented. I've mentioned before the debaucle in the copier industry (and many others I've heard) because of the heart bleed SSL bug which required the retooling of *every device* that used the old standards. 

The cure for all this is to try and use the most recent ciphers when possible, and that may mean having to create new certs on a regular basis. That is why certs have an expiry. That is one of the functions of certificate servers. It's one reason why self-signed certs are not trusted by many apps and devices. 

If you are implementing trust and encryption in your apps, this needs to be a regular process that you engage in. 

Bob S

> On May 29, 2018, at 08:10 , Ralph DiMola via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I got this exact error recently(a week ago) when I renewed my development certificate. I deleted the renewed certificate and then recreated it, downloaded it and then edited all the provisioning profiles and assigned them to the renewed certificate. Deleted all the provisioning profiles on the Mac. Downloaded the provisioning profiles in Xcode. Then all worked again.
> I also deleted all old development certificates in the Keychain app.
> Ralph DiMola

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