Graphing widget questions

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Mon May 28 11:45:18 EDT 2018

Following up from previous suggestions I have looked at the LC Graphing
widget and have a couple of questions in hopes of recommendations.

The widget looks promising but I will be doing a time series graph with
several thousands of points.

- I need to have the number of x-axis labels look reasonable spaced for the
size of graph which means I would want to do a minimum of 10 and a maximum
of 30 labels...not a label for every point. So I want to take the total
time of the data and divide it into 30 blocks of equal time. This means
that the x-axis range still covers the data range but the labels need to be

Suggestions on the best approach?

- I am not sure if the labels are label fields or actually SVG?

But either way I would need to rotate the text 90 degrees so the 30 labels
would if SVG (which I think the text is how would I do this). This
would also be useful to know since if the text is SVG then I could add
additional information that would resize nicely.

Or am I going down the "rabbit hole" and this is not easily done?



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