Windows 10 and LC9.0

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Sun May 27 16:17:52 EDT 2018

On 5/26/18 7:20 PM, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode wrote:
> When I wrote the list of things that were broken I was writing specifically
> about Mac.

I haven't responded so far because I thought the issues were 
Windows-related and I do development on Mac. There is something going on 
that apparently doesn't affect my setup because the only issue in your 
report I've seen (and it's minor) is the property inspector not resizing 
correctly when you change panes.

I can drag-drop controls from the palette, resize the message box 
whenever I like, and the script editor works fine for me. I haven't had 
a crash recently until yesterday when I was implementing RSA encryption 
and I did something wrong in my handler. So I'm trying to think what I 
do differently that doesn't cause the problems you're seeing.

I suspect what it boils down to is that I don't use the project browser 
because the app browser is better suited to my workflow. And some of the 
new scripting options are disabled, the only ones I use are Bracket 
Completion, Control Structure Completion, and Autoformatting.

It would be interesting to see if those who are having issues still have 
the same problems if the Project Browser is closed and some of the 
scripting options are turned off. While it's true that users shouldn't 
have to do that, it would at least give the team an idea of why some 
people have trouble while others don't. Once identified, they could 
address the issues.

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