Was: URGENT: MergGoogle no longer works on iOS: CLIENTS VERY UNHAPPY

Mike Bonner bonnmike at gmail.com
Fri May 25 15:32:06 EDT 2018

 Hey Sean,

While its true that the full details of what was going on weren't
available, there were 2 things that stood out to me from your previous
writings.  Large amounts of distress, and a monetary connection to the
distress.  I can't help with the distress directly, but it just makes sense
to me that sending a bit of financial care your way might help smooth out
this rough patch.  I myself have had to face down my pride issues and
accept help in the past.. well actually all the time due to my health
stuff.  If not for the care of people around me, my position would be much
much worse. The most recent hit to my pride was the loss of ability to self
transfer into my walk in tub, (a thing I learned the hard way.)  People who
care about me got together, designed, and installed a ceiling lift that
works amazingly well.  And I can do an engine swap in my bathroom.  (Its a
mite over-engineered.)  Just one example of people being awesome.

One thing I've taken to heart is a simple saying.  "Accepting the gift,
honors the giver."

If it will help, I'd be honored to assist a bit more, but now that we've
heard from you, I would prefer to leave that to your discretion.  If you
wish, you are welcome to send a direct email to me.

Take care of yourself,


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