Windows 10 and LC9.0

John Burtt jburtt at
Fri May 25 15:05:19 EDT 2018

Some of these bugs are not specific to Windows machines. Neither are they dependent on the speed of the machine. I see these everyday and I'm using a very fast MacBook Pro.
> Another real problem is when lots of controls are selected (maybe more than
> 10). Moving the selection using arrow keys is a pain. Even moving the
> selected controls with the mouse can make the system unusable. It can take
> 30 seconds to move even one pixel. Grouping controls and moving the group
> is the only option in such case and then working well. This has been the
> same problem in previous versions.

   I get this. One big pain.
> Also fixed is the bug that it was almost impossible to place new controls
> from the Tools palette to the IDE stack using drag-and-drop. It had been an
> uncontrollable trial-and-error thing. Often enough I had to try several
> times to "hit" the stack window and place the control So, I am happy about
> the fix very much.

   Not fixed on a Mac. Totally unreliable.
   I don't even try anymore. Have to use the menu.
> There has been a problem with the "Find and Replace" window in previous
> versions. This problem still exists. Do not touch the window in trying to
> resize it. It will then suddenly shrink to a strange width and becomes
> unusable. The only way to change this is a restart of LiveCode. Just never
> resize this window!!! (I am not going to touch the IDE stacks....)

   Not this exactly, but I can usually resize the message box one time. From then on, it is not resizable unless i close and reopen it again. And LC likes to open some of my saved stacks at the default size of new stacks. I have to script a preOpenCard handler to handle the resizing, or do it myself over and over again.
> What is now a new problem with 9.0, and a bit of an annoyance, is the fact
> that the property inspector does not keep the resized value when changing
> when selecting another control. Each time, the window falls back to some
> default size and then it must be resized again, or the scroll bar must be
> used. Again, it is not critical but hinders work-flow very much. For
> example, I prefer to look at layer numbers in the property inspector, and
> just go through each control with an open property inspector without having
> to resize the window or scroll it all the time.

   This happens on my machine too. 


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