Windows 10 and LC9.0

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I agree. I have seen this more times than I like.

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Roland said:

 > The kluge is turning off everything that is offered to support  > script
hiliting and debugging such as bracket completions, etc.

This is one of the reasons I used LiveCode 6.7, and not 8 or 9, for my LC
Conference presentation. When displaying code to others, nice to have the
script coloration turned on! :)

 > Opening LiveCode 9.0 on my computer (8MB RAM, 2 years old,  > Acer
Aspire) takes about 30 seconds.

Every time LC starts, I'm guessing it also runs "Setup" (which shows as
"Installer" in Task Manager) to check for LC updates.

And something there is SERIOUSLY messed up! Over time you can wind up with
multiple Setup processes hung in memory per LC version, and this can happen
for multiple versions. Big system drag.

So I've gotten in the habit of deleting the Setups (not the real
installers) and another way is turning off all update features in
Preferences. That helps with LC startup and system performance.

Has anyone done bug report on this?

 > For this reason, I would like to see much  > more attention towards
Windows and Android.


I fully endorse Richard's suggestion for the LC team to spend some weekly
time on Windows. Hopefully a real native installation, but in any case, the
Windows session needs to be kept running for days (or at least one full day)
as it does for a real user, not just for minutes.

I could add a similar suggestion - to have the team spend some time using LC
itself, that is using the IDE. Perhaps spending a couple hours weekly in the
IDE working on a continuing project stack, not just a few minutes on a test
stack from scratch. That intimacy with the IDE will pay off! Use 6.7 as a
reference point of what you had before in terms of features and polish.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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