Crash when moving video window to external monitor pc

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Mon May 21 21:47:59 EDT 2018

Just had a report of having an LC9 application crash on windows 10 home crash when a video window opened on the laptop screen is moved to the external. The application has a main window with the user interface and a daughter window that is just has a video player in it. app opens with both windows on the main laptop screen and when they move the video window to the external monitor it crashes. They can move the interface screen to the external monitor and things will work fine with the video playing on the laptop screen.

Now using the direct show with the LAV set using K-Lite codec pack on the pc. 

No issue with this on the mac.

im wondering if there is some odd difference in the video drivers on the pc laptops that direct show or the LAV codecs dont play well with or have access to on the external monitor graphics controller.

Anyone seen video pay issues on external monitors on pc laptops?


Jeff Reynolds 

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