Material Design - any plans to allow more granularity in design?

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Wed May 16 09:46:10 EDT 2018

Over 80% of my work in LiveCode is dedicated to user interface design.

I would like to support Material Design which is well supported by tools
such as Angular JS Material in Javascript -- and such framework (or similar
ones) give the idea of modern UIX.

I think it is worth reading for professional developers:

Since it is a continued requirement to have more control over properties of
fields, buttons, and widgets including for example:

- Top, bottom, right and left borders
- their colors, thickness (weight), etc.
- leading, etc. or
- rounded borders to any degree
- animated visual effects for buttons/fields
- icons leading or trailing fields/buttons as part of the control
- etc.

I wanted to ask if there are any plans to implement such additional
properties for standard controls (including for widget customization) in

The standard here could be: What is doable using CSS should be doable in
LiveCode "out of the box".

I can work around things more or less using graphic elements such as lines,
boxes, ovals, icons etc. , in front or behind other controls, but it adds
to the number of controls to manage, and/or it creates an inflation of
grouped controls. And animated visual effects must be supported on all

And of course, I assume, we all want the whole toolbox to be cross-platform
which currently does not seem to be possible (native fields.. in Android,

And widgets so far seem to be very limited to customization of their
appearance. For this very reason, they sometimes become useless to me (for
example, the tree view widget, and others). Often, I turn back to just
grouped controls which I can control much better in LCS than widgets using
LiveCode Script (LCS).

Maybe I really must try to understand LCB and go deeply into it?

And could there not be standard requirements that widgets must pass in
order to be accepted to be delivered to the community?

If I could contribute to achieving such aims, ... )


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