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Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon May 14 15:50:12 EDT 2018


"Delete stack" is the answer. I should have known. I just wasn't
associating "Delete" with "removing from memory"

On 5/14/2018 3:19 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> I know this has been discussed before, so my apologies that my Google-Fu
> has failed to find any prior answer.
> I have a complex script - part of an Installer "maker" written in
> LiveCode - that creates stacks and builds them into Standalones for
> various platforms via a long automated script. After the script has
> assembled all of the necessary stacks for a build, it executes:
> *send*"revSaveAsStandalone"&&quote&tStackName&quotetostack"revSaveAsStandalone"
> To perform the build. All is good up to this point. The script then
> executes "close stack tStackname" and reaches the 'end repeat' to start
> the next loop for the next build. The problem is that the next build
> contains some stacks with the same names as from the previous build and
> I get warning messages about having multiple stacks in memory with the
> same name.
> I have verified that destroyStack is true. I have added a "wait 5 sec
> with messages" after the "close stack tStackname". tStackname is no
> longer listed in "the openStacks" nor in "the stacks". It is however
> still in memory and listed in "revLoadedStacks(application)". I even
> tried the following script calling "removeStackFromMemory tStackName".
> *command*removeStackFromMemory pStackName
>    *set*wholeMatchestotrue
>    *repeat* whilepStackName isamongthelinesofrevLoadedStacks(application)
>       *set*cursortobusy
>       *set*thedestroyStackofstackpStackname totrue
>       *close*stackpStackName
>      *wait*1secondwithmessages
>    *end* *repeat*
> *end*removeStackFromMemory
> To try to ensure that tStackName was removed from memory. No luck. While
> the script is executing (even though this script is not part of
> tStackName) the file will not be removed form memory.
> Does anyone know of a hidden "revXYZ" command (a counterpart to
> revLoadedStacks) or some way of absolutely reliably removing a stack and
> its substacks from memory when you ask it to!!!!!
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