Posting to Facebook?

andrew at andrew at
Mon May 14 14:04:33 EDT 2018

Andre's Facebook library still works, but was a bear to track down  
about 2 years ago when I bought and implemented it. It seems other  
than references in the Wayback Machine, this library has vanished from  
the interwebs.

Social sharing seems common enough that there would be a reliable  
cross-platform LC widget available for the major services (Facebook,  
Twitter, Instagram). I've been using a mixture of Andre's library  
(aagFacebookMobileLib.livecode) and Monte's mergExt to handle Facebook  
posts on my mobile app.

aagFacebookMobileLib took care of Android users and mergSocial worked  
for iOS until version 11 removed system hooks for social media. Now I  
still use aagFacebookMobileLib for Android and mergPop for iOS (which  
gives the ability to share via other methods like email/text/etc.).

I have yet to find a reliable method to allow dynamic end-users to  
post to their own Twitter accounts via mobile app (though I can tweet  
to an account that is hard-coded into the app).

--Andrew Bell

> I couldn't find Andre's Facebook Lib on his site - has anyone sorted  
> out POSTing images etc to FB?
> cheers
> Alan

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