Active window and mouse location

Douglas Ruisaard dougr at
Wed May 9 17:34:34 EDT 2018

Thanks, Mike... but this doesn't make my LC screen active... it does flicker it but leaves it in buried under the top window.

I'll check out those links, Lagi... thanks for the research....

Thanks to Bob und Klaus for the "Launch" suggestion ... however, I don't want to open, launch or startup anything, I just need the LC window which is displaying the card processing to become the top-most window ... so I'm not sure exactly what I would use as the "document" in the launch command.  I will, however, keep this in mind for other purposes.

As expected, a VERY simple, one-line script to AutoHotKey did the trick... which can be compiled into a standalone executable... and then shell'd to.  Only thing is that it isn't cross-platform... windows only.  If I find the time, I'll try Bob's suggestion for the Apple.

Many Thanks!

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> While the solution is not perfect, you can have your script
> set the systemwindow of stack "stackname" to true
> wait 1 tick
> set the systemwindow of stack "stackname" to false
> (Saw this on the forums at one time or another, think the thanks go to Lagi)
> The only negative of this method is the flicker as it goes system, then
> back again.
> ------------------------------

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