hh hh at
Tue May 8 13:01:59 EDT 2018

> Lagi wrote:
> Everybody, if you can  please give  what you can afford now ...
> It will go to the correct people.

> Bill wrote:
> A donation may not only provide needed funds, but sends a message
> to Sean, and all on this list, that we are a community that care
> not only about the product we are creating, but the folks who are
> creating it. That message is sent, whether the donation is 5 or 100.

I've been away for several weeks and saw this just now.
Let us help, the family needs and will get the help.

Lagi's engagement is worth more than money. Perhaps we should create
kind of a LC-developer-fund for emergency help?
Lagi would be the right person to manage such a fund.

I would ask everybody who uses (commercially) one of my widgets etc.
to donate to such a fund, just now to the above scemergency.


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