LC on Windows - slow for others or just me?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 7 15:26:18 EDT 2018

Andy, these specifics were very helpful:

 > Must agree that 9 series is slower on Windows 10 than previous
 > versions.
 > Win 10 pro 64 bit
 > Observations
 > 1. Instances of Livecode do not always shut down correctly and have
 > to be closed via the Task Manager.Failure to notice this can cause
 > IDE hangs, crashes and corrupted scripts when saving.
 > 2. Having the message box open slows the IDE and closing the message
 > box does not revert Livecode to its previous speed.
 > 3. Having the  Project Browser open slows the IDE and closing the
 > Project Browser  does not revert Livecode to its previous speed.
 > 4. The Project Browser does not keep in sync with all changes made to
 > stacks. For example when grouping components the Project  Browser will
 > not always show the new group but still display the components as
 > separate entities. Closing and restarting the Project Browser will
 > show the groping change.

I would like to add these to a report in the bug DB on general Win 
performance, but a quick browse through the DB didn't lead me to an 
obvious candidate.

I thought I recalled someone on the team making reference to this as a 
known issue, so I figured there would be a report.

Does anyone know of such an existing report?  If not, I'll make one.

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